Why Are Certain Employees Not Shown in Reports?

This article explains possible reasons why employees are not showing up in predefined reports, and how to fix the incorrect settings that may be causing this. See the overview Reports for a complete list of the predefined reports in Personio.


Relevant Attributes for Reports

If an employee does not appear in the reports, check the entries in the their employee history. Only if data has been entered, employees will be included in the reports. 

This often relates to changes in connection with the attributes Position, Department, Office, Contract end date, Termination, or Salary. If, for example, an employee changes departments on January 1st, but this is only updated in Personio after that date, the January report will not show the employee in the new department.


Adjusting Attributes in Employee History

First navigate to the History tab in the respective employee profile to get to the employee history. Click on Detail view to see an overview of all attribute changes. Under New Value, click on the pen for the respective attribute and enter the actual date of modification. 





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