When Is A Personio Account Being Deleted?


There are three scenarios that lead to the irrevocable deletion of a Personio account:

Dedicated Instruction by an Authorized Employee

Under Settings > Support > Authorized employees for support and instructions, you can look up which employees in your account have been recorded as authorized employees in Personio. Only employees who are authorized to give instructions within the meaning of the GDPR can apply to Personio to have their account deleted.



60 Days After the Expiration of a Test Account

If you don't renew your test account, it will be deleted automatically. This occurs 60 days from when your test account has expired.


30 Days After Expiration of a Paid Account

If you have become a Personio customer and your subscription expires, or you choose not to renew, your account will automatically be deleted 30 days after the agreement period has ended.

The agreement end date is stated on each invoice. Learn here where you can view your invoice.


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