How Can an Employee Attribute Be Retroactively Changed?


The retrospective change of an attribute can be carried out via the History of the corresponding employee profile.It may be necessary to make changes to existing history entries if a change to an attribute, such as a change of position or department, is entered into Personio late or if an error occurred during the import. An attribute's incorrect validity date can result in incorrect reports.

Please note that changes to the employee history can only be made by administrators and should be carried out with particular care. You can find further information on the exclusive rights of this role here.


Changing an Existing History Entry

To retroactively change an attribute, navigate in the employee profile to the Detail view of the History and correct the date of the corresponding entry. In the column New value, navigate to the blue pen icon and then enter the correct date.


Example: A Delayed Change to Weekly Working Hours

An employee changes from a 40-hour full-time position to a 20-hour part-time position on the 1st of the month. You make the change in the employee profile, but only at a later date. In this case, the employee will be counted in the FTE report as 1 FTE for their department up until the modification date, and this will only change to 0.5 FTE after the modification date. Adjust the validity date of the attribute change retroactively, as described above, to correct the FTE value calculation.

Use the "Schedule attribute change" function to enter known changes on a specific key date into the system early. On the one hand, this ensures a correct history and, on the other, saves the effort of having to adjust attributes in the history later on.


Add a New History Entry

Use this function if you want to manually create an employee and add history entries, such as a position history. To do this, navigate to the Actions button in the Detail view of the employee history and add the entry with the validity date.


Please note that history entries cannot be deleted. If there are several entries for the same date, the most recently entered value will always be used.




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