Job Overview Functions


The following article describes the functions of the Job overview that you reach when you navigate to Recruiting in the main menu.

The page provides a structured overview of your advertised job positions and application processes.


The Recruiting area comprises the following tabsJob openings, Applications, Inbox, Channels, and Application history. Depending on your employees' access rights and their recruiting role, only parts of this area may be visible to them.


Basic Functions for Managing Job Positions

Select Add job opening to create a new opening or to add an additional vacancy to an existing position. Add any number of openings with varying start dates if a position is to be filled multiple times. Learn here how to create job openings.

By clicking on View job details, you can see further information about the individual positions, such as published advertisements that have been put on hold and all employees who are responsible for the position.

Click on Publish to make the respective job opening public, and on Hide to revert to unpublished status.

Note that clicking Hide will not disable the publication of job openings on external job portals that have been done via the multi-posting function. If this is desired, use this contact form to get in touch with our multi-posting partner.

Use the archive function to display only the active job openings in your recruiting area. You will not lose any data by archiving, and any filled openings can be retrieved again as needed. Select Show archive to see an overview of your archived jobs. You can find further information here


Job Filter (1)

Use the filter buttons at the start of the page to limit the overview displayed to the job openings that are relevant to you. Apply the My job openings filter to have all of the positions displayed where you are involved in the recruiting process. When you click on the Applications tab, this filter is applied automatically. To have archived positions displayed, click on the first filter button and select the Archived positions option.


Overview of Open To-Dos (2)

The open to-dos displayed at the top of the page provide you with a quick and convenient overview of any important events in candidate profiles that you are responsible for. Click on one of the number indicators to be taken to the respective pre-filtered candidate overview with a list of all applicant profiles that require an action on your part. 


The following number indicators are displayed:

  • the number of prioritized applications with pending to-dos
  • The number of applications that have been in a particular phase for too long.
  • The number of candidate messages that have not yet been replied to.
  • The number of evaluations you haven't read yet.
  • The number of comments on candidates you haven't read yet.
  • The number of messages currently in your Personio Recruiting mailbox.

The numbers displayed take any job filters into account. So, if, for example, you have set the My job positions filter, the open to-dos that relate to the positions that you are responsible for will be shown.

Click on the respective area to be taken directly to the list of candidates, where all applications with an update are marked with a blue dot. After you have replied to the message, or have read the evaluation or note, the application no longer appears in the overview.



Candidate Pipeline (3)

The applicant pipeline provides you with an overview of all applications so that you can view the current status any time. By clicking on the corresponding phase, a list of candidate profiles will be displayed that is filtered by the relevant job position and the selected phase.


Channels (4)

For each job opening, the different channels on which published advertisements are currently active are displayed.


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