Project-Based Time Tracking (Beta)


This article explains how to allocate your attendance periods to specific projects in Personio.

This feature is not activated by default. If you are interested in project-based time tracking, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.


Creating Projects

First, go to Settings > Attendance > Projects. Click on Add project to enter your projects. Activate time tracking for the projects you would like to record the specific working hours worked for. Do this by checking the Available for attendance tracking checkbox. Projects with time tracking activated are flagged by a check mark in front of the project name.



Allocating Projects

Once projects have been created, the Attendance tab in the employee profiles allows each working hour record to be assigned to an individual project.

You can also enter several attendance periods for a single day and assign them to different projects. To do this, click on the plus icon for the respective day and add several periods for the day. Then make your selection from the available projects.




If project-based time tracking is activated, you'll see an extra column in the Attendance periods report. This column shows the relevant project allocations. You can export the report in Excel format as usual. Alternatively, you can create a custom report.



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