How Do I Record a Change in Position for an Employee?

When an employee changes jobs within the company, e.g. a student intern becomes a full-time employee, this should be recorded in Personio. In this article, we go into what needs to be considered in a case like this.


Change of position and/or department

Make sure that the new value applies from the effective date by scheduling the attributes Position and Department in the Employee profile accordingly. Adjust further attributes such as Employment type, Weekly working hours or Payroll type, if applicable.

Click here to find out about how to schedule attribute changes.


Hire date

If an employee changes positions, Personio shows the change in the Employee history. Therefore, please do not adjust the Hire date in the Employee profile, as this would result in distorted reports and an incorrect reflection of the employee history. The date of the position change is displayed in the employee history.


Work schedule

If the employee's working hours change with the new position, then the Work schedule needs to be adjusted, too. Click here for information on how to change the work schedule, for example, when an employee changes from full-time to part-time.



Enter the new salary for the employee so that it applies from the effective date of the position change. If necessary, you can also change the salary from an Hourly salary to a Fixed salary. Click here for further information on the different salary components.


Accrual policy

If the employee's position change also involves a new accrual policy, you can change this either for the current year or for the coming year. In any case, the current year has to be adjusted manually so that the accrual balance is reflected correctly.

This article has instructions on how to adjust the accrual policy. Click here for information on how to make manual adjustments in Personio.

Note that a new probation period cannot be entered with a change of position, as the probation period is based on the hire date. 




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