Employer Details Required for Personio Payroll

This article provides an overview of the employer information that is required for Personio Payroll.

After you have made the decision to use Personio Payroll, a new Employer information section appears under Settings > Salary & Payroll, where the following information is maintained. 



Company name CS Demo LLC
Street Main Street
House number  1
Zip code  12345
City Munich
Company registration number 1234567
Company tax ID 12/123/12345
Interval of tax payment due date  monthly
Participation in the pay-as-you-go system (U1) Yes, mandatory (for companies with less than 30 employees)
Selection U1 contribution amount medium/regular
IBAN  DE82 1001 0000 0000 0000 00
Accident insurance VBG
Accident insurance membership no. 12345678 
Accident insurance PIN 12345
Accident insurance category 1303 and 1900
Accounting report SKR03


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