Hiring Speed System Report


The following article gives an overview of the Hiring speed system report. This report shows how efficient your application process is.


Functionality and Display

The system report includes the last six months by default. As well as being able to configure the report duration, you can also group the report by recruiting categories or positions, or filter by specific categories or positions.
You can find further information on configuring system reports here.

The screenshot below shows the report's input section, grouped by Recruiting category and using the filters Customer success, Sales and Engineering.


Color-coded bar charts are displayed in the upper section of the report, each showing the average number of days from application receipt to offer creation (Time to offer), and from application receipt to hire date (Time to hire). The legend above the chart displays the average values for all the categories or positions depicted. The image below shows how the report may look.


You will see a summary of the absolute figures in the lower section of the report. The table shows the number of applications and hires, as well as the number of days until offer creation or hiring, for the selected period.


You can click in any line to see an overview of all hires. This view also provides you with information on how the data in the system report was calculated. Time to offer and Time to hire are displayed in separate tabs. The screenshot below shows an anonymized view of this pop-up.



Calculation Basis

This section will give you an overview of the parameters on which the calculations are based. To ensure that the times are calculated correctly, we recommend using the offer creation date in both cases.

Find out here how to easily create offers in the Personio candidate profile.


Time to Offer

The time to offer is calculated based on the application receipt date and the date on which the candidate is moved into the Offer system phase.

You have two options here:

  1. Manually move the candidate into the Offer phase.
  2. Create an offer with Sent status.


Time to Hire

The time to hire is calculated based on the application receipt date and the date on which the candidate is moved into the Accepted system phase.

There are two ways you can move a candidate into the Accepted phase:

  1. Manually move the candidate into the Accepted phase on the offer tab.

  2. Create an offer with Accepted status.




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