In this article you will learn how you can additionally protect your Personio account with the authentication of indevis. In the following, you will find an overview of all necessary prerequisites and instructions for setting up the integration.


What is indevis?

Through a special registration procedure indevis ensures that your Personio account is protected against unauthorized access. The default login to Personio is done by user name and password.

With the indevis Authentication service, which is based on two-factor authentication, indevis offers a solution that significantly increases security during the login process and thus protects the sensitive data stored in each account. Users no longer log in with a static password, but with a combination of a self-selected PIN (first factor) and a code that changes continuously (second factor). The code is displayed on a token, that can be generated from hardware, software or via SMS.

If companies decide to secure their user accounts in via two-factor authentication, with indevis they have a Managed Security Service Provider that is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 BSI and offers security standards at the highest level. The information required to log into the Personio account never leaves indevis' systems during the entire authentication process and won't be shared with Personio. The indevis Authentication service is a scalable solution that allows companies to rent tokens for their employees and order exactly as many tokens as they actually need. The implementation is handled by indevis, thus the introduction of Personio and secure access via indevis Authentication go hand in hand.


How can I set up the integration of indevis and Personio?

Starting with the Essential Plan, you can connect one integration partner of your choice. If you would like to use more than one integration partner, this is possible from the Professional Plan onwards.

Personio supports authentication via the OAuth protocol, which allows secure and standardized API authorization. The necessary configuration is done by indevis so that customers don't have to worry about integrating the authentication solution themselves. Users who want to log into their account will be redirected by Personio to the indevis servers where the authentication takes place.

User name, password and PIN are entered here. If the input is correct, the OAuth code is forwarded to Personio and the access token is fetched from indevis. If this process is completed sucessfully, Personio validates the access token and the released user information from indevis. That way the user can be assigned to his account by his email address. This communication between Personio and indevis takes place in the background and enables the authorized user to log in within seconds.


What are the costs?

indevis Authentication is a rental model that charges per token. In addition to the costs for the tokens, there is a one-time setup fee for the two-factor authentication. Please contact indevis directly for detailed information on the one-time setup fee.


Who do I contact at indevis?

For integration and pricing questions, please contact the indevis sales team at


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