How Do I Store Company Holidays?


This article explains how company-specific holiday periods are stored in Personio and deducted from your employees' absence balance. Import the absence periods into the system using the Absence periods upload function.

Take care not to confuse company holiday periods with the Public holiday calendar. 'Company holidays' refer to a specific time period during which your business is closed, whereas your employees' absence balance is reduced automatically.


Exporting the Email Addresses

Begin by creating an Excel file that contains the email addresses of your active employees. You will need to have this available in the next step when you import the company holidays via an Absence periods upload. In the main menu, go to the Employee list. Click on Other features > Export and configure the desired export.


Copy the email addresses contained in the exported file as preparation for the company holidays import in the next step.



Importing the Company Holidays 

  1. First, go here to download the Excel template for an Absence periods upload.
  2. Open the absence periods upload template and paste your employees' email addresses into the Email column.
  3. Enter the absence type the company holidays should be deducted from, e.g. Paid Vacation.
  4. Enter the start and end date of the company holiday period for each employee.
  5. As an option, the first and last day may be entered as half days (1 for yes, leave blank otherwise).
  6. Save the complete Excel file.
  7. To finish, import the file by selecting Import > Absence periods upload. Learn here how to perform the import. 


Note: The import functionality for absences is only available if substitute requests are not set up as mandatory in the system. Go to Settings > Absence > Require substitutes? to temporarily select either Optional or No. Once the absence periods have been imported, the Require substitutes? option can be set back to Yes.


Effects of Company Holiday Entries

The company holiday period you have recorded is now automatically deducted from each employee's Paid Vacation absence balance. In addition, the period will be displayed as an absence period in the calendar.

Please inform your employees about your individual company holiday arrangements as it's not necessary to submit leave requests for these periods.




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