When Is the Security Token Being Generated?


The Login Token or Security Token is an additional Personio security feature to protect your data from being accessed by third parties. It cannot be deactivated.


When Will the Token Be Triggered?

The token is linked to a ten-point system. The system gives points to each of the following events and registers them.

Trigger Points Details
A different browser is used  9 points All browsers that the user has previously used are identified through the cookie that has been stored.
The IP address is different  2 points The IP of each login is saved in the database for every employee.
The login occurs from another country. 10 points Each IP is listed in a particular country. With each login, Personio checks the complete IP history with regard to country changes.
A failed login attempt  5 points Personio remembers a failed login attempt for the next login.
Two failed login attempts 10 points  

If the sum of these points reaches 10 or more, the security token is triggered and Personio requests the respective login key to be entered at the next login.


Where Do I Find the Login Key?

As the system message will show, the login key is emailed to the address that has been stored for the respective employee in the system. That login key will be valid for 20 minutes from the time it is sent.


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