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This article describes various options for including administrators in approval processes. As administrators have comprehensive editing privileges, they are not subject to approval processes in most cases, with the exception of absence requests.


Approving administrators’ absence requests

Administrators have the option of triggering or skipping approval processes for items such as paid vacations or sick leave. Once the absence period has been selected, each request must be decided on separately.


If you wish to prevent administrators from skipping approval processes and also require them to complete the standard process for other approval requests, you need to create a separate admin profile for this purpose and remove the admin rights from regular employee profile of the corresponding employees. Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to do this:


Creating a new, ‘artificial’ admin profile

  1. First, create a new admin employee profile, for example ‘Personio Admin’. Please note that you should leave the following attributes blank: hire date, supervisor, position, department. Enter External as the employment type. These settings ensure that the newly created ‘artificial’ employee profile is not shown in your payroll, teams or departments. It is therefore largely hidden from all other employees in your company.
  2. Next, assign a valid email address from within your company to the new employee profile, which the relevant employees or administrators will have access to.
  3. Send an invitation to Personio addressed to the new employee profile.
  4. Share the email address and password with those of your employees who have administrator privileges but are to be subject to approval processes.
  5. Ensure that these employees have access to the new admin employee profile.
  6. Reset the employee roles in these employees’ regular profiles to the role ‘All employees’ or another employee role as required.

Once you have done this, it is important that all employees use their regular profiles for any approval requests (data changes, attendances, etc.). For all administrator tasks (such as data imports), they will need to log in via the newly created admin employee profile. Note, however, that you will not be able to track which settings have been made by which administrator if administrator tasks are shared between several employees using the same admin profile.

Also note that employees in an admin role have certain exclusive privileges which cannot be assigned to any other role. Click here for further information.



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