Document Batch Export for Employees


This article describes how employees can export all of their own documents from Personio at once.


Exporting Documents in a Batch

This feature in only available to the employee and cannot be carried out by others, e.g. account administrators.


Note that your account's access rights are relevant for the export function. Documents will only be included in the batch export if the employee has, at a minimum, viewing access for the respective document category. Click here for further information on roles and access rights in Personio.

To generate the document batch export, first navigate to the Documents tab in your account and click on the download icon (next to the search bar). Then click on Create new data export. You will receive an email from Personio as soon as the export is ready. This may take a little while, depending on the size of your files.

The download will be available for one week from the date of the export. After that, the file will automatically be deleted and, if needed, will have to be newly generated.




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