Attendance Balance


This article explains the structure of the attendance balance, which you’ll find under the Attendance tab in the employee profile.


Attendance Balance Structure


If Personio is used to record and maintain attendances, you benefit from a dynamic attendance overview which shows all hours worked within a given month. This balance is linked to the individual working hour schedule for the respective employee. The balance contains the following information, depending on the working hours per week defined in the employee’s working hour schedule:


Total of all hours expected to have been worked in the selected month, minus public holidays


Total of all hours already entered for the selected month


Total of all hours counting as ‘time off’ due to absence

Overall balance

Hours still to be worked in the selected month

Helpful hint: You need to refresh the page after entering attendances to update your entries in the attendance balance.


Salary Calculation for Employees on Hourly Wages

In the following case, Personio automatically uses the daily hours stored in the working hour schedule for calculating salaries, if hourly wages are defined for employees, so that you don’t need to enter these again manually in the list of hours worked:

  • An absence which counts as time off in Personio is recorded for a working day.
    This requires that the function Absence is time off has been activated in the configuration of absence types. Please click here for further information.

In this case, the daily rate is calculated by multiplying the daily hours defined in the working hour schedule by the hourly wages.


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