What is the Difference Between an Employee and a Recruiting Role?


The following article explains the main difference between an employee role and a recruiting role. Generally though, employee roles and recruiting roles are not linked and have to be configured independently of each other.


Employee Role

An employee role comprises the following role competencies: Access rights, Reminders, Calender views, and the area Security.


Go to Settings > Employee roles > Access rights to define the access rights (View, Propose, Edit) for each employee role in Personio. See this article to learn about setting up and managing employee roles.

Within the access rights section, you can also define access to the Recruiting area. By granting this right, you allow access to all job openings, including candidate profiles and the recruiting inbox. In the access rights under Account configuration > Recruiting, access to the settings for the Recruiting area can be granted independently, too.

Make sure not to confuse the access to the Recruiting section with the rights for the recruiting configuration which are set under Account configuration.

Afterwards, you can assign any number of employees to an employee role via drag & drop.


Recruiting Role

Independent of employee roles, recruiting roles are used to integrate employees in the recruiting process. This is done by assigning Notifications and Access rights for selected job openings or for individual applications within a job opening. For this, your employees do not need to have access to the entire recruiting area.


When configuring recruiting roles, the only rights that can be granted are viewing rights or editing rights. Note that the access settings in the Recruiting section have no effect on information in the Employee management section.

Although an employee can have access to the entire recruiting area through their employee role, we recommend to include them within the recruiting roles as well so that notifications, e.g. about new applications, can be set up as desired.

You can then grant individual employees access to whole job openings. To do this, open a job opening and go to "Edit". Select an employee using "Add responsible" and assign an appropriate recruiting role to the employee. Employees who have been added as responsible persons for a job opening will be able to see all applications that have been submitted in response to the respective ad.

If you wish to grant employees access to individual candidate profiles only, use the "Interviews" tab or "Request review" function.


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