Data Protection Settings Options in the Recruiting Section


Personio allows you to protect your candidates' data in accordance with both your requirements and those of the EU GDPR.

Visit our website for basic information on data protection and our white papers EU GDPR with Personio and AWS with Personio.

In light of the EU GDPR, this article offers you a guide to ensuring that your recruiting is data protection compliant. We recommend checking and using the following settings:


Anonymizing Personal Candidate Data 

With Personio, you can fully anonymize candidate data. To do so, enable the automatic anonymization of candidate data in Settings under Recruiting > General > Data privacy settings > Anonymize data automatically? This will trigger the permanent removal from Personio of all personal data of candidates who are in the system phase, Withdrawn or Rejected after the period you have previously defined under Anonymization after. Anonymized candidate metadata that is not personally identifiable, such as information on the recruiting channel, is retained, so it can be included in future reports.
If you don't wish for the candidate's name to appear in your notification emails, select No under Include candidate name in notification email? These emails won't then include any personally identifiable data.

You can find further information on anonymizing candidate data here.


If a candidate is not suitable for an advertised position, but may be just right for a future position, you can use Personio to create a talent pool. Note that you need the candidate's approval for this. You can find further information on setting up a talent pool here.


Displaying Candidate Names in Notification Emails

Depending on how your recruiting roles are configured, employees who are part of the candidate process will receive automated email notifications from Personio that are triggered by certain events (such as the receipt of a new message from a candidate). Go to Recruiting > General > Data privacy settings > Include candidate name in notification emails to decide whether these emails should contain the names of candidates.

Email notification with candidate name Email notification without candidate name
Recruiting-notification-with-applicant-name_en-us.png Recruiting-notification-without-applicant-name_en-us.png


Entering Your Legal Notice 

If you use the Personio career page, you need to enter the link to your legal notice into Personio. This will enable visitors to your career page to have access to all the necessary information about your company and services, in accordance with legal requirements. You can enter the link to the legal notice via Settings > Career page > Link to the legal notice.



Data Privacy Statement for Candidates

You can save your candidate data privacy statement in several languages via Settings > Recruiting > Career page > Translations. Candidates must agree to this data privacy statement if they want to apply for a position using the application form provided by Personio. You can find a template for the data privacy statement here.

In addition to your personal data privacy statement, Personio, as the operator of your career page, automatically adds a data privacy statement for the processing of (personal) data.

Please note that your data privacy statement should also include your deadline for anonymizing personal candidate data.

You can find further information on data protection in Personio here.




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