Important Points When Using Document Templates


In this article, you will learn how to use documents in practice at the employee level and what you should be aware of when doing so.



How Can I Create and Use a Document Template?

Once you have uploaded a document template via Settings > Documents > Add template it can be generated within an employee profile. You can find more information on creating and assigning document templates here.

When creating documents, please consider the format of the placeholders and the gender variables. In the article Creating Document Templates – Placeholders you will find an overview of the predefined, custom, and free placeholders. The use of gender variables is explained separately.


Which Fonts Are Supported?

Various fonts can be used in Personio. Below, you will find an overview of all currently supported fonts:

Caladea Linux Libertine Display O Noto Sans Myanmar
Carlito Linux Libertine Initials O Noto Sans Myanmar UI
Carlito Italic Linux Libertine Mono O Noto Sans Oriya
Carlito Serif Linux Libertine O Noto Sans Oriya UI
Condensed Italic Liberation Serif Italic Noto Sans Sinhala
DejaVu Math TeX Gyre Noto Kufi Arabic Noto Sans Tamil
DejaVu Sans Noto Naskh Arabic Noto Sans Tamil UI
DejaVu Sans Condensed Noto Naskh Arabic UI Noto Sans Telugu UI
DejaVu Sans Light Noto Sans Noto Sans Thaana
DejaVu Sans Mono Noto Sans Armenian Noto Sans Thai
DejaVu Sans Mono Oblique Noto Sans Bengali Noto Sans Thai UI
DejaVu Serif Noto Sans Bengali UI Noto Sans Tibetan
DejaVu Serif Condensed Noto Sans Cham Noto Sans UI
DejaVu Serif Italic Noto Sans Devanagari Noto Serif
Gentium Noto Sans Devanagari UI Noto Serif Armenian
Gentium Basic Noto Sans Ethiopic Noto Serif Bengali
Gentium Basic Italic Noto Sans Georgian Noto Serif Devanagari
Gentium Book Basic Noto Sans Gujarati Noto Serif Georgian
Gentium Book Basic Italic Noto Sans Gujarati UI Noto Serif Gujarati
GentiumAlt Noto Sans Gurmukhi Noto Serif Italic
Liberation Mono Noto Sans Gurmukhi UI Noto Serif Kannada
Liberation Mono Italic Noto Sans Kannada Noto Serif Khmer
Liberation Sans Noto Sans Kannada UI Noto Serif Lao
Liberation Sans Italic Noto Sans Khmer Noto Serif Malayalam
Liberation Sans Narrow Noto Sans Khmer UI Noto Serif Tamil
Liberation Sans Narrow Italic Noto Sans Lao Noto Serif Telugu
Liberation Serif Noto Sans Lao UI Noto Serif Thai
Liberation Serif Italic Noto Sans Malayalam Oblique
Linux Biolinum O Noto Sans Malayalam UI  

If special formatting or unsupported fonts are used, the format of the preview may differ from the original formatting.


What to Bear in Mind When Using Document Templates

To keep your original format, under File type select the Original format (DOCX) and then click on Create.


The document will automatically be placed into the same category that the document template was uploaded into. The original format remains available to you via Download in the Actions field. You can then save the document as a PDF and upload it again in the employee profile.


The original Word document can now be deleted from the employee profile.




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