What Password Requirements need to be met?


This article explains the password requirements you'll need to meet when choosing your Personio password.

To activate your account, you'll receive an email from Personio. Follow the link in this mail, then sign in with your email address and set your individual password.



General Password Requirements 

To ensure your Personio password meets high security standards, it needs to fulfill particular requirements. 

  • It must contain a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 128 characters
  • It must contain at least one number
  • It must contain at least one special character
  • It must at least contain one letter
  • It must not contain your own name
  • It must be different from the previous 12 passwords used

Please also note:

  • Passwords and login information should always be stored in encrypted form; it's best to use a password manager.
  • Passwords should never be entered by copy and paste.
  • Your Personio account will be disabled after three failed login attempts. Find out how to reactivate a locked user account here.
  • When changing your password, you cannot use a password that you've used before.
  • Passwords can be changed a maximum of three times a day.

To make your employees' logins even more secure, 2-factor authentication can be activated for the employee roles you select under Settings > Employee Roles > Security. In addition to users' email address and password, a six-digit code generated on a smartphone is required to log in.


Additional Password Settings 

Since the information stored in Personio contains sensitive personal data, we recommend you limit the password validity of all employees to 90 days for additional protection.

Go to Settings > Authentication > Password Settings > Edit. Select the checkbox so your employees have to change their Personio password every 90 days. Employees will be notified 10 days before their password change deadline.


If you select this setting for the first time, all employees who set their current password more than 90 days ago will have to change their password immediately. These employees will be prompted to do so upon their next login.


Changing Passwords 

To change your password, please go to your Employee Profile and click on the Manage Account key button located in the top right corner. Then click on Reset your password to receive an email with the password reset link.


Please note: You'll need to have appropriate access rights to access the Manage Account function. So all employees will need to be given viewing rights via Settings > Employee Roles so they can see their own data in the Manage Account area. For further information on access rights, please click here.


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