Authorizing employees for support and instructions


In this article we will show you how to authorize up to two employees in your company for support and instructions when contacting Personio.


What is an employee authorized for support and instructions?

To prevent misuse regarding the administration of your customer account, Personio allows you to appoint employees authorized for instructions. Only these employees are allowed to submit support requests via e-mail and telephone, grant (temporary) impersonation access for Personio staff and give instructions, such as the deletion of the customer account. For further information on impersonation access, click here. For data protection reasons, all other employees must contact one of the authorized employees or an employee with administrative rights for their concerns.


We recommend to appoint all administrators and at least one person of the management board as employee authorized for support and instructions to ensure trouble-free communication.


Appointing authorized employees for support and instructions

Navigate to Settings > Support > Authorized employees for support and instructions and click on Add authorized employee.



Enter the following data in the window that appears and confirm by choosing Create:


Field Information
Name Dropdown list of all employees active in Personio
Gender Taken from the employee profile
Email Taken from the employee profile
Salutation Selection via dropdown list
Telephone 1 To be filled manually, e.g. the regular office number 
Telephone 2 To be filled manually, e.g. the company mobile phone
Telephone 3 To be filled manually, e.g. another subsidiary
Authorized employees in the meaning of the GDPR To be filled manually. These persons are allowed to make, for example, deletion requests, request information about log files or have access to the bulk export of all data and documents stored in Personio
Data privacy statement Confirmation after reading the data privacy statement


Contact is only possible via a telephone number entered here. Please also consider in this context whether the number entered here corresponds to the number transmitted during a call (e.g. for outbound telephone service without specifying the subsidiary).


Now add all employees authorized for support and instructions; these will then be displayed in the overview.

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