Where Can I Find the Current Agreement?


This article explains the different parts of the Personio User Agreement and where you can find each component. The user agreement for Personio consists of the accepted general terms and conditions (T&Cs) and the payment method you have chosen. There is no separate contract.


Agreement Conditions and Terms of Use

The agreement conditions and also the notice periods for the use of Personio are linked to your account and the payment method you have chosen.

The agreement consists of the General Terms and Conditions on our company website, and the notice periods linked to the following payment methods:


Payment frequency as per agreement Notice period
monthly at the end of the contract term
yearly 3 months prior to the start of the next usage period


Where Can I Find the Data Privacy Statement, DPA and TOM?

The Data processing agreement (DPA) and Technical and organizational measures (TOM) are both stored within your Personio account.

Go to Settings > Plan and Billing > Data processing agreement (DPA).



The Privacy policy is available on our company website.



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