Troubleshooting: An employee cannot request leave


This article explains which settings to check if an employee is unable to submit a vacation request in Personio.


Assignment of accrual policies

First check if your employee has been assigned an accrual policy. Read here how to set up an accrual policy and how to store it in the employee profile. Both of these steps are necessary if accruals are active for the absence type in question. The absence type will otherwise not be visible under the Absence tab in the employee profile for those employees who have the corresponding viewing or proposal right set.

In the employee overview, you can see quickly whether accrual policies have been assigned to your employees. Click on the button with the three dots located at the top right, then on Adjust columns, and select the attribute Vacation / Policy (Vacation has been chosen here as an example).



Access rights and approval processes

Verify your employee's access rights for the absence type. You can do this under Settings > Employee roles > Access rights > Absences. The access level required is Proposal > Own.

A Viewing right will only enable viewing access for the respective absence types; it is not sufficient to submit a leave request in the system. If you would like your employees to independently request absences in Personio, assign the proposal right for their respective data to the role All employees. Don't forget to set up an approval process with this, too.


See this article for information on how to configure approval processes under Settings > Approvals.

Note that accrual policies can only be assigned by employees who are either in an administrator role or have editing rights for the area Account configuration > Absence, in addition to their access to the Absence tab.

You can find recommendations for setting access rights for absences in our article Best Practice: Employee Roles.




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