In this article you will learn how MoBerries makes recruiting easier for you and how to set up the integration with Personio.


What is MoBerries?

MoBerries is Germany's largest corporate network, consisting of fast-growing venture capital funds, DAX and digital companies.

MoBerries is aimed at anyone who wants a simple and efficient recruiting process. The promise is to offer clients a growing and transparent network of active, qualified and motivated talents.

The search for candidates is carried out with the help of artificial intelligence. Among other things, this should enable candidates to be recruited in real time. Participating companies benefit from network effects and contribute to a shared talent pool of highly qualified applicants.


How can I set up the integration of MoBerries and Personio?

To set up the integration of MoBerries and Personio, you need the following information from your Personio account:

  • Company name
  • Company ID
  • Recruiting API access token

You can find the name of your company account in the URL of your Personio account (


To find the Company ID and the Recruiting API access token, navigate to Settings > API > Access Data.


To set up the Personio integration, enter the Company ID and the Recruiting API access token, as well as the Company Name in your MoBerries account.

Please note that you have to activate the XML feed for your company under Settings > Recruiting > General to enable the transfer of job ads to MoBerries. Further information about the XML feed can be found here.

Once you have collected your information from Personio, you can continue the integration steps directly with MoBerries.

  • Send an email with your integration request to your Partner Manager (
  • Your Partner Manager will notify you as soon as the integration is complete and you can see the connected system in the integration menu.
  • Then connect your job ads to both platforms.


What data will be transferred?

Create the advertised jobs in MoBerries with the same title as in Personio. The published jobs will be transferred from Personio to MoBerries based on the title.

MoBerries first analyses the candidate profiles and only transfers them to Personio once you have selected them. The applicants concerned are then automatically assigned to the job advertisements in Personio.


What are the costs?

You can register here for a free 10-day MoBerries account. Afterwards, you have the possibility to choose different packages according to your individual needs. The prices start at 350 € per month. Alternatively, you can opt for a pay-per-hire payment model. After successfully hiring applicants, a fee is due to MoBerries. The integration to Personio is free of charge.


Who do I contact at MoBerries?

The MoBerries team is happy to guide you through the onboarding process or to help you with questions and problems. At you can contact MoBerries.


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