This article explains how Meritocracy will make recruiting easier for you and how you can set up its integration with Personio.


What is Meritocracy?

Meritocracy is a digital headhunter based on a European network of innovative employers. Its online platform allows you to present your company's workplace, vision, corporate culture and additional services effectively.

A specially developed AI-based technology will suggest your company as an employer to suitable candidates and then guide them through your company on a virtual tour. As a result, you will get interested candidates who are already familiar with your corporate culture.


How can I set up the Integration of Meritocracy and Personio?

This integration needs access to the Personio Recruiting API. To grant this access, follow these steps in Personio:

  1. Go to the Marketplace and search for the integration.
  2. Click on the integration to open the drawer with further details.
  3. Select Connect.
  4. The next screen displays your Recruiting API credentials. Copy your company ID and access token and click Go to website to finish the setup in the partner's service environment.

In your Meritocracy account, you then need to enter the following details from your Personio account to set up the integration:

  • Company ID
  • Recruiting API access token
  • Company Name

You will find your company account name in your Personio account's URL (


Please be sure to activate the XML feed for your company via Settings > Recruiting > Career page. This allows job postings to be transferred to Meritocracy. You can find further information on the XML feed here.


Which Data is Transferred?

Meritocracy synchronizes your job postings daily and transmits candidate data to Personio, where it is automatically assigned to the advertised position.


How Much Does it Cost?

Meritocracy charges a fee of €450 for activating the job search. The integration with Personio is free.


Who do I Contact at Meritocracy?

Click here to create a Meritocracy account. If you have any questions about the integration with Personio, please contact the Meritocracy support team.




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