How Do I Record Parental Leave in Personio?


This article explains how you can record an employee’s parental leave in Personio, and the effects this has on their salary and leave entitlements.


Recording Parental Leave by Scheduling a Leave Period

In the employee’s profile, navigate to the button with three dots (top right) and click on Schedule leave. In the input mask, enter the start and end dates of the parental leave period, and in the Comment field type ‘Parental leave’.


You can find further detailed information about this topic and how parental leave is reflected in an employee’s profile in our article Scheduling a Leave Period.

The employee’s status automatically changes to leave for the defined period. As the leave period ends, the status automatically turns back to Active.

If a maternity protection period transitions into parental leave, the two periods need to be set up separately in the system. Learn how to configure a maternity protection period along with the statutory rules that apply here.


Entering Parental Leave in the Calendar

Although parental leave is clearly marked in the employee profile as a leave period, it will not show as an absence in the calendar automatically. Therefore, you need to enter the period under Absence in the employee profile as well. Note that the absence type ‘Parental leave’ must be included as an absence type first under Absence in the settings.

Detailed explanations regarding Entering Parental Leave in the Calendar and Configuring Absences can be found in the Helpcenter.


Managing Parental Leave in Preliminary Payroll

If you have set up the respective attributes in Settings under Salary and Payroll, parental leave and other long-term absences will be displayed in the preview table of the payroll and included in the monthly payroll export. Read here, which attributes are necessary for the desired data to be output.


Effects of Parental Leave Records on Salary and Vacation

Salary Payments

Salary payments and other compensation types are suspended for the entire duration of the leave period, and respectively calculated pro-rata if the period starts and/or ends on a day during the month. The prorated salary calculation may be based on ’30 days’ or on ‘days of the month’. You can find more information on prorating the salary calculation here.

Annual Leave Calculation

For each full calendar month (first-last day of month) of the leave period, the employee’s annual leave entitlement is reduced automatically.

Please note that employees on parental leave do not receive any Personio notifications.


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