Transfer candidates between phases


This article explains how candidates can be automatically assigned to the initial phase of the application process when their applications are received. We recommend transferring candidates always to their respective recruiting phases to ensure that you always have an updated overview of all applications.



Individual assignment 

To assign the candidate to a specific phase, navigate to the candidate profile you wish to edit and click on the current phase, for example Phone Interview, in the top right of the window. You can then select the wished phase in the drop-down menu.


You can quickly see in which phase the candidate is in thanks to the phase button in the candidate profile. The three system phases Accepted, Rejected and Unassigned have a specific color: Accepted has a green button, Rejected a red button and Unassigned is shown in gray. 


Bulk editing 

Navigate to Recruiting > Applications and select all candidates to be transferred to a specific phase by ticking their checkboxes. Click on Action > Change status. Choose the phase which all selected candidates are to be assigned to.

Use the Overview tab in the various candidate profiles to access information on the entire application processes of all candidates until the current date.



Regardless of the recruiting phases you created, you can always terminate the application process for a candidate. To disqualify a candidate, navigate to the candidate profile. Choose Disqualify and select whether the candidate has been rejected or if the application was withdrawn. From the drop-down menu, you can select a predefined disqualification reason and add a note. If required, send a rejection email to the applicant, or schedule an automatic rejection email for a later time.

Activate data anonymization if you wish to anonymize the candidate's personal data immediately rather than at the end of the retention period. The retention period in days can be defined in Settings > RECRUITING > Recruiting > General > Anonymization after.


You can also generate bulk disqualifications for a variety of candidates. To do so, go to RecruitingApplications and choose the candidates that you want to contact. Select the checkbox beside the candidate names, click on Actions and select Disqualify. In the modal, you can then select if the candidate was rejected or if they withdrew their application, and select a disqualification reason from the drop-down menu. Find out more about sending bulk rejection emails.




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