Troubleshooting the Setup of the SMTP setup


This article explains how to configure your SMTP settings so that your own company’s recruiting mailbox email address will be used as the sender address for outgoing email. If you have any problems with the configuration of the SMTP settings, one of the three examples below may apply.


Your Company's Email Address Is Used as a ‘Shared Mailbox’

What is known as a shared mailbox can be accessed by many different users and used by them to send emails. However, users cannot directly log in to the shared mailbox since it does not have a username or password. Each user logs in via their own mailbox.
In relation to Personio, two essential components of the SMTP settings are missing here: the username and the password.

One potential solution would be to use a fully licenced recruiting email address in the future instead of a shared mailbox. This could then be linked to Personio, as described above.


A Firewall Only Allows Certain IPs to Send Messages via Your SMTP Server

It may be that your SMTP server only allows certain IP addresses, which are documented in the system, to send email. In this case, whitelist our recruiting IP address to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Everything Seems to Be Set Up Correctly, But It Is Still Not Working?

If you can exclude the first example but are still not having any success, it could be due to the following setting: Check whether your email address is allowed to connect to external apps. In Gmail, for example, this is by default not allowed.

Allow the use of external apps via your email provider’s settings. In Gmail, for example, permission for access by less secure apps needs to be given in Account > Sign in & Security > Apps with account access. 


Alternative to Logging Your SMTP settings

If you decide against logging your SMTP settings in Personio and want to set up an automatic redirect, you have the following option: 


Making Full Use of the Personio Email Address

Include "" on your career page so that applicants will send emails directly to this email address. Messages from your applicants will go directly to your Personio inbox, and you can process them from there. If you answer the applicant via the messages tab of their profile, they will receive your message from "".


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