Troubleshooting during SMTP Configuration


This article explains how to configure your SMTP settings in order to use the email address of your company's recruiting mailbox as the sender's address for outgoing emails.

There can be cases where the configuration of your SMTP settings is not successful. Here are three possible examples:


Your company email address is a "shared mailbox"

A so-called shared mailbox can be accessed by several users who can send emails from it. However, the users cannot log into the shared mailbox directly, because it doesn't foresee one particular username or password. The login happens via the user's personal mailbox.

With regard to Personio, this means that two essential components of the SMTP settings are not provided, namely the user name and the password.

A potential solution for the future could be to use a fully licensed recruiting email address rather than a shared mailbox. This can be linked with Personio in the way described above.


A firewall allows only certain IPs to send via your own SMTP server

It's possible that your SMTP server only allows emails to be sent from certain documented IP addresses. If this is the case, you should whitelist our Recruiting IP addresses, and to ensure that the process runs smoothly.


Everything seems to be correct, but it still doesn't work? 

If the first cases can be ruled out but the connection still doesn't work, another possible reason could be the following: check to see if your email account is permitted to connect to external apps. The default setting in Gmail, for example, is that it is not allowed.

Enable the use of external apps in your email provider settings. In Gmail, this is done by granting less secure apps access under Manage account > Security > Less secure app access > Turn on access


Alternative Option to Configuring SMTP Settings

If you decide not to configure SMTP settings in Personio and to set up an automatic redirection, you have the following option available:


Full use of the Personio email address

On your career page, point to, so that candidates write to that email address directly. The messages arrive in your Unassigned messages where you can process them further. If you reply to the candidate from the Messages tab in their candidate profile, they will receive the message from

In case of any problems, we recommend getting your company's IT department involved to configure your SMTP settings. 

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