Imports during the implementation process


This article gives you an overview of data imports that should be performed during implementation. Click here for a summary of the full implementation process.

As you implement your Personio account, you can populate it with various existing data. The following imports can or should be performed:

Importing employee data and absences can take a considerable amount time for data acquisition, depending on the nature of your existing data.


Importing Employee Data

This import is the first step in the initial setup of your Personio account. It makes sense to start your implementation by importing your employees' master data, as this enables you to define work schedules and accrual policies. For your data acquisition, suitable Import Templates are available according to your subscription planHave a look at the Implementation - Step 1 Article for details on importing your employee data, and for instructions on how to download the Excel templates.


Importing Salaries

Personio additionally allows you to transfer your employees’ salaries. During the initial step, only current and historical fixed and hourly salaries and wages are imported, but the imported data can be easily expanded by other types of compensations such as public transport subsidies.
You can additionally record flexible bonus payments. Have a look at the Implementation - Step 3 article for important information about this step and details on how to download the Excel templates.


Importing Absences

You have already assigned the appropriate working hour schedules and accrual policies to your employees during the successful import of employee data. However, in most cases, your employees will already have taken or planned some leave, and you will need to import these historical and future absences into Personio from your existing system. By importing absences, you ensure that you will be working with the correct accrual balances. The Implementation - Step 7 article provides detailed information about the available options and provides guidance on the relevant Excel template downloads. 


Importing Documents (optional)

You can also import your existing employee documents into Personio. The multi-upload of employee documents allows you to upload several documents to Personio at once so that they get automatically assigned to the respective employee profiles and document categories. 

Alternatively, documents can be uploaded manually to the system.

Your IT department can also create an API integration that will automatically upload several documents to the respective employee profiles. They will find all the technical documentation in our Developer Hub.


Importing Candidates (optional)

You can also import your existing candidates' data into Personio.

Alternatively, candidates can be entered manually into the system.


Performing an Import & Troubleshooting

The following article provides guidelines for How to Perform an Import.

If you encounter errors, there is helpful information and suggested solutions in our Why is the Import not Working? article. 

We are happy to assist you in importing your data. If you are planning to do an import and need our assistance, you can contact our service team through the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers.




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