What is Workpath?

Workpath is a cloud software, that helps companies to easily align, update and monitor Goals (OKRs). Moreover, Workpath assists teams in regularly discussing learnings and progress on their Goals, as well as in giving each other feedback. 


What are the benefits of integrating Personio into Workpath?

In Workpath, each employee has an account to create goals, update progress and give feedback.

With the integration of Personio, Workpath can automatically create an account for and invite each employee listed in Personio. Furthermore, information about the employees such as names, emails, and positions etc. are kept up-to-date in Workpath.

In addition to that, once an employee is deactivated in Personio, she also won't be able to access her Workpath account anymore.


Who is my contact at Workpath for further questions?

You can either write or call under +1 (650) 460 3455.

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