Store and use frame contracts with external job boards in Personio


The following article explains how existing frame contracts with external job boards can be stored in Personio, so you can use them when posting positions directly via Personio's Multiposting feature. You can also find more information on how to use job boards that are not yet listed in Personio.

Only Account Owners and Contract Owners can request for a frame contract to be added to your account.

To store a frame contract in Personio, follow these steps:


Step 1: Send Personio the frame contract data

Frame contracts need to be manually set up by our Service Team in Personio, so you need to provide us with the relevant data. To send the relevant data of your frame contract to Personio, use this form and fill it with the following information:

Information Notes
Your email address  
The job board product

In the case that the framework contract only applies to a specific product of the job board. 

You only have a frame contract for StepStone Pro Campus and no other StepStone products.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is not supported by Personio and therefore cannot be stored via a frame contract.

The frame contract ID

If you don't know the framework contract ID, please enter the offer/order ID, contract number etc.

Type of frame contract and quota level if applicable

Specify if the contract is for a fixed quota of postings, or if it has unlimited posting for a flat rate. If a quota applies, also provide the quota level.

Your posting email address

The email address of your contact person at the job board.

The expiration date of the frame contract


Optional: Posting price

For calculations

Price per candidate.

Optional: Further information on the frame contract


Personio Hostname

You can find the host name in your URL:

Name of the job board

Select from the drop-down-menu

If you cannot find your job board in the list, select My job board is not listed / other.

▶︎ If Personio supports the job board, but it is simply not listed yet, we will configure it for you manually, so you can see it in your Multiposting feature with your related framework contract.

▶︎ If you want to add a job board that is not supported by Personio, we will evaluate your request and get back to you concerning further steps.


To transfer your data, click Submit or press Enter.


Step 2: Data validation via Personio

Once you have submitted the frame contract data, Personio will check and validate it with the external job board. The contract data is then stored in your Personio account. As soon as this has been done, our Service Team will send you a notification that your framework contract was successfully stored.


Step 3: Check the status of the frame contract

After your frame contract has been successfully stored in Personio, it should appear in your Personio account with the status Active, and you can start using it.

To find the conditions of the frame contracts you have submitted and what their status is, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Recruiting > Positions > Promote of the relevant position.
  2. Under My frame contracts, you will find an overview of the frame contracts you have submitted, and will see in their status if they have already been activated.

    The status can be:
    Active: You can start booking postings with your frame contract.
    ▶︎ Pending for approval: It is currently being checked by our Service Team. You need to wait for it to be approved to be able to use it in Personio. This usually takes 3-4 days.
    ▶︎ Expired: The frame contract is expired. You need to renew it with the respective job board, or you purchase a Personio Posting Bundle.

Each frame contract is shown separately, together with all relevant information.

Status: Pending approval
Job portal and posting product: Indeed
Duration of posting: 30 days
Renewal date: 31 Dec 2022
Bundle subscribed to, and number of unused postings: 5 posts out of 10 left


Step 4: Use the frame contract to book a posting

To use the frame contract and book a posting on an external job board with it, the frame contract's status needs to be Active

Then you can follow these steps to book a posting:

  1. Navigate to Recruiting > Positions > Promote of the relevant position.
  2. Under My frame contracts, select the frame contract you want to use.
  3. In the bottom-right corner, select in which language you want to post this position, and click Next.
  4. In the Job post preview, you will see how the posting will look like on the job board. 
  5. Click Proceed to checkout, and you will see a final overview of the booking details.

    The price should show as 0, as the billing of the publication costs for a framework contract product is done directly within the job board.

  6. Then click Place order.

For further details on how to promote positions, see Multiposting Positions on External Job Boards.


Frequently Asked Questions about frame contracts

The expiration date of my frame contract has changed, what do I need to do?
Please inform us via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers.
Why is my frame contract greyed out?
If a position is currently promoted on the job board using the frame contract, the frame contract will appear as greyed-out.
What happens if my frame contract is expired?
You need to renew it with the job board directly, or you book a Personio Posting Bundle.
How do I pay for my frame contracts?
For external frame contracts, you need to pay the respective job board that provides the frame contract directly.
Can I delete my used or expired frame contracts?
To delete an expired frame contract, you need to contact us via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers.
How long will it take to validate my frame contract and publish my posting?
It takes roughly 2-3 working days until the frame contract is available within the Personio account. If you post a position via the frame contract for the first time, it will take approximately 7 days for the posting to be published.
Where do I find my existing frame contracts?
You can find your stored frame contracts under Recruiting > Positions > Promote of the relevant position, in the section My frame contracts. If you have Personio Posting Bundles, you will see first the section My posting bundles, and underneath the section My frame contracts.




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