How Can I Contact Personio's Customer Service?


This article gives helpful tips on what you should know before contacting Personio's customer service team.


Written Support Request Via the Contact Form 

Detailed problem descriptions make it a lot easier for us to provide you with the best possible support as quickly as possible. That's why we ask you to submit support requests together with the following information:

  • Please describe any problems you're encountering as clearly as possible.
  • Please indicate specific employees who are experiencing the problem.
  • When describing a problem, please add screenshots (e.g. of the settings made).

Go to the Contact form.


Storing Authorized Employees for Support and Instructions

To protect your account against misuse, authorized employees for support and instructions are defined in Settings > Support. Only the persons identified there may submit support requests by email or telephone, grant (temporary) account access to Personio employees and give instructions, for example to delete a client account. Please note that contact can only be made via a telephone number entered here.

Refer to this article for further information on defining authorized employees for support and instructions.

If your administrators have separate employee profiles (see the article on Admin Light), we recommend that you define them as support contacts as well.


Impersonation Access by Personio

By default, Personio does not have access to your account or your data. However, if you wish to contact our support, you may need to share your account with our customer support staff. This allows the support team to check your account settings and discuss solutions with you. Access can be shared for a limited period. It can only be granted by persons identified as authorized employees for support and instructions. Please refer to this article for further details and an explanation of how to share your account with Personio. 

We suggest that you assign administrator rights to at least two employees. If you have not shared access to your account and your sole administrator cannot be contacted for any reason, we may not be able to provide support to you.


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