How Do I Use Interactive In-App Tours in my Trial Account?


In your test account you'll find five different interactive tours, in which we will guide you through Personio's core functions to give you an impression of what this software can do. This article describes how to start tours and the thematic scope of each tour.


What are the interactive in-app tours?

Personio’s interactive in-app tours provide step-by-step instructions to give you an overview of the functions available in the software and to support you in configuring the various sections later on.

We currently offer the tours in German and English only. If your browser language is not set to German, the tour will automatically be shown in English.


How do I use interactive in-app tours?

Once you have logged in to Personio, the first interactive product tour starts automatically. To see all available tours, go to Help > Updates & Screensharing > Interactive Tours.

All in-app tours are divided into chapters. Once you start a tour, instructions guide you through the various steps.

Note that you cannot save your progress as you complete any of the interactive tours. We therefore recommend that you take the time to complete a tour all the way through once you start it. You should allow between 5 and 10 minutes maximum for each tour.


Interactive tours for your test account



Welcome to your Personio account

  • Navigation in Personio
  • Overview of the most important functions

Welcome to your test account (Tour 1/4)

  • Your dashboard
  • Overview of all functions
  • Access options
  • Privacy in Personio

Digital Personnel Files (Tour 2/4)

  • Employee information and employee list functions
  • Rights and roles in Personio
  • Defining salaries
  • Creating and managing documents
  • Requesting attendances and absences
  • Managing on- & offboarding

Recruiting (Tour 3/4)

  • Defining job openings
  • Recruiting roles
  • Candidate profile and correspondence
  • Managing interviews
  • Feedback and evaluation forms
  • From candidate to employee

Employee view (Tour 4/4)

  • Employee self-service
  • Recording attendances and absences
  • Viewing and uploading your own documents
  • Changing master data




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