Changing the Work Schedule (Full Time <> Part Time)


Often, full-time permanent employees are taken on part-time, or vice versa. This article describes which steps and factors are relevant to their correct reassignment.


1. Adjusting the Work Schedule

Assuming that an employee works full time, 8 hours daily from Monday to Friday, the standard full-time (40h) work schedule is correctly assigned to them:


If the employee then switches to part-time employment, a new work schedule must be assigned. Work schedules can either be assigned directly to your employees in the Employee profile, on the Attendance tab, or be collectively assigned with the help of the Employee list: You can find detailed information on this in the article Configuring and Assigning Work Schedules.

Under Attendance, in addition to the allocated weekly working hours, the History of the Work schedule is also displayed. This shows which work schedules have been assigned since the hire date:


In the Work schedule history, the Standard work schedule (40h) is always shown at the bottom as the standard model, even if there has been an update to another model.

Under Change schedule you can now assign the Part-time (20h) model configured in the settings. You can find a detailed description of how to configure part-time work schedules here.


Impact on Leave Entitlement

After the assignment of the new work schedule, such as Part-time (20h), the total leave allowance is automatically recalculated on the Absence tab, based on the newly assigned Work schedule in the Attendance tab.

In accordance with legal requirements, the leave entitlement is calculated on the basis of the number of working days per week. In the case of a prorated leave entitlement, the assigned accrual is always reduced or increased according to the work schedule.

The entitlement based on the number of weekdays is not rounded off. If necessary, however, you can manually adjust the leave balance.

Please note that the assignment of a new Work schedule, as described above, only affects the total leave allowance; the salary calculation is not affected. Salary adjustment in this context will be discussed in the next section of this article.


2. Adjusting Weekly Working Hours in Employee Information

To ensure that the salary is automatically adjusted in accordance with the new working hours, you will have to change the weekly hours in the Employee profile.

To do this, edit the weekly hours in the Employee profile under Information > HR information > Weekly hours:


The new, prorated salary will be a percentage of the defined full-time salary, calculated on the basis of the weekly hours recorded in the employee profile.

The settings described also apply to a change from part-time to full-time.

You'll also find Best Practices for Part-Time Employees and Student Trainees in our Helpcenter.


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