How does the integration work?

The Personio-Leapsome integration allows you to keep your user base on Leapsome up to date - completely without the hassle of manually updating them on Leapsome.

Once activated, Leapsome will automatically

  • create a new Leapsome user account for every new employee that you on-board on Personio. 
  • send a Leapsome invite to that user if the "auto-invite" option is activated. Alternatively, you can manually invite users by re-sending open invites on your team admin page.
  • create "teams" on Leapsome for every "department" that you have created on Personio. Members of that department will automatically be assigned to the corresponding team on Leapsome.
  • assign direct manager rights on Leapsome based on your supervisor roles on Personio - no need to re-establish your reporting lines.
  • update all of the above based on your changes in Personio. Changes may take up to 24 hours to be reflected on Leapsome.

Please note that - if the integration is enabled - changes in Personio will override any changes manually made on Leapsome.


How can I set up the integration?

You can set up the Personio-Leapsome integration in two simple steps:

  • First, please get your Personio Client ID and Personio Client Secret first. As an administrator of your Personio account, you can find these under Settings > API by clicking Generate new credentials. Please note that downloading a new set of credentials invalidates the previous ones.
  • After generating your credentials, please visit your account admin page on Leapsome, scroll down to Integrations > Personio, click Enable Personio employee data sync, paste your Personio Client ID and Personio Client Secret in the corresponding fields and click Update Personio settings.
  • If you enable the option "Automatically send Leapsome invites to new employees", each user who is (newly) synced from Personio will automatically receive an invite to join Leapsome. If you disable this option, we will sync the employee data but not send an invite. You can then manually send the invite from the Edit users & teams tab.

And that's it - Leapsome will now automatically synchronize your user data from Personio. Make sure to read up on what the integration does.

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