How Do I Reset My Password?


This article explains how to reset a Personio account password, as an employee or as an administrator.


Resetting Your Password—For Employees

You can reset your Personio account password via the Personio login screen.

To reset it, go to your Personio company page and click on Forgot Your Password?.


Enter the email address you use to sign in to your Personio account. We'll send you an email containing a link. Use this link to reset the password for your Personio account.


Resetting Passwords—For Administrators

Administrators can send an email to employees so they can reset their Personio password. To do this, go to the relevant employee profile, click on Manage Account and select Send Password Reset Email .


Note that an employee's Personio account will be locked after three failed login attempts. Find out how to reactivate a locked user account here.




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