How Do I Change the Hostname of My Personio Account?


This article provides information on your Personio hostname. You will learn how you can change it and what you need to consider when making a change.


What Is the Hostname?

The hostname is used to uniquely name your company's Personio account; it is thus a unique identifier for your account.


How Do I Know What My Hostname in Personio Is?

When your Personio account is first set up, you define your future hostname when you enter your company name.


The created hostname is assigned only once. It will, from then on, be a fixed part of your Personio account URL ( The hostname is requested on the Personio login page so that you can then be forwarded to your company-own login page.



How Can the Hostname Be Changed?

Only Personio staff can change the hostname. If this is desired, please contact our Service Team here.


What Should I Consider When Changing the Name?

After you have informed Personio of your request, we will first check whether the new hostname is already in use. Please note that your company should be identifiable in the hostname, and the name should have a maximum of 20 characters (letters A-Z and/or numbers from 0-9 only).


Inbound Email Address for Recruiting

Changing the hostname always means that the inbound email address for your Recruiting mailbox is also adjusted (1). If you have an automatic redirection in place from your company career email to your Personio inbox (2), make sure that the redirection is changed to the new inbound email address. A system administrator in your company should be able to assist you with this.



Authentication via OAuth2

If you previously set up authentication via the OAuth2 protocol, please note that when the hostname is changed, the Callback URI for your account changes as well. Therefore, make sure you update the routing to your Callback URI.



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