How do I Change the Hostname of my Personio Account?


This article provides information on your Personio hostname, and explains how to change it and what to consider when making a change.


What is the Hostname?

The hostname is used to uniquely name your company's Personio account and serves as a unique identifier.


How do I know my Personio Hostname?

When your Personio account is first set up, your hostname is defined by the Company Name you provide in the form. From that moment on, your hostname will be a fixed part of your Personio account URL ( On the Personio login page, you need to insert your hostname to be forwarded to your own company login page.

Personio account setup Personio login page
Hostname-Companyname-Change_en-us.png Hostname-Companyname-Employeelogin_en-us.png


How can I change the Hostname?

Only our Customer Support Team can change the hostname. If you want to change your hostname, go to the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers and contact our Support Team.


What to consider when changing the Hostname?

Changing the hostname will impact four areas of your Personio account.

Note After you have informed Personio of your request, we will first check whether the new hostname is already in use. Your company should be identifiable in the hostname, and the name needs to have 3-20 characters (only letters A-Z and/or numbers from 0-9).


Employee login and authentication via OAuth 2.0

The login link for your employees will change to https:// By changing the hostname, the Callback URI for your OAuth Authenticator will also change. So, if you are using user authentication via OAuth2, you need to update the routing to your new Callback URI. You can find your new Callback URI under Settings > Integrations > Authentication > OAuth 2.0.



Personio Career page (Recruiting)

When changing the hostname, the URL of your Personio Career page will change. Therefore, you need to check the following, depending on the way you integrated your career page with Personio.

If then
you Integrated a Personio Career Page via a Link, the deposited link must be updated.
you Integrated Positions From Personio Into Your Company Website via XML, the setup must be revised because the URL of the XML Feed will also change.
you Integrated a Personio Career Page via Iframe, the Iframe integration must be adjusted accordingly and all its links need to be updated.
you are using The Personio Recruiting API, and you use your own application form, the interface must be updated as you are importing candidate data via API.


Position postings on external job boards (Recruiting)

When changing the hostname, the URL of your Personio Career page and respective links will change. Therefore, you need to check the following, in case you have postings on external job boards.

If then
you have Published Positions on External Job Portals Using the Multiposting Feature, the new application form link for the positions must be communicated to the job portals. Otherwise, candidates will end up on an unavailable page.
you have Used Tracking Links for External Recruiting Channels, the stored Tracking link must be adjusted so that candidates are still directed to the application form.


Email settings for candidate communication (Recruiting)

When changing the hostname, the inbound email address for your Recruiting Inbox will also change. Therefore, you need to check the following email settings.

If then
you have set up an automatic redirection from your company email account to your Personio inbox, you need to change the redirection so that inbound messages are still redirected to your Personio Inbound email address. You can find this under Settings > Recruiting > Recruiting > General > Recruiting email settings.
you have Set up the Connection to the SMTP Server, this setup should be checked and adjusted accordingly by your internal IT resources.




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