Creating Reminders for Birthdays and Anniversaries


In Personio, you have the option to create one-off or recurring reminders to make sure you remember employees' anniversaries or birthdays.

Reminders can be created both at a general level via employee roles, and individually in the personal settings of an employee profile. To find out how to create reminders in the employee role configuration and in the personal settings of your employee profile, please click here .
As a rule, reminders scheduled to be sent before or on the same day as an event remain on the dashboard until one day after the respective event. Reminders scheduled to be sent after an event are automatically removed from your dashboard after a week from the date they are first shown.

Anniversary Reminders (One-Off)

Set up a reminder for employees' 5-year anniversaries with your company by creating a one-time reminder.

Navigate to the menu item Settings > Employee Roles and select the role you want to create a reminder for. Click on the tab Reminders and then on Add reminder.


Select the Hire date as the reminder event and define which group of employees the selected role should receive a reminder for.  


Next, define a point in time after the hire date when you would like to be reminded of the 5-year anniversary. In the example shown, the period is selected such that the reminder is triggered 7 days before the fifth anniversary.

Please take leap years into account when calculating the reminder date for anniversaries.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid calculating the reminder date to the exact day, you can create a date attribute specifically for the anniversary and use it when creating a corresponding reminder. Please note that reminders can only be created for attributes with the attribute type Date. Click here to find out how you can add new attributes.



Birthday Reminders (Recurring Annually)

To create a recurring reminder for employees' birthdays, again click on Add reminder.

Activate a yearly frequency to ensure that you are reminded of your employees' birthdays every year. This way you will receive a recurring birthday reminder at the chosen reminder time.


Please note that reminders are only sent if you have access rights to the corresponding employee attribute.


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