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This article contains some useful information about Personio's SMTP server interface and its related settings.


The Basics of SMTP

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a communication protocol that defines and makes available rules for the sending of emails. The scope of the protocol encompasses communication between an email client and an SMTP server (outgoing mail server), or between two SMTP servers.

All email communication is handled by SMTP servers. You can send emails in Personio via your company's own SMTP server by entering your SMTP settings into Personio. If you do not enter your own SMTP settings, Personio will use the SMTP server belonging to Mailjet, our email provider.


SMTP Settings in Personio

Using Personio involves moving your candidate management and communication into the recruiting section of Personio. By default, the emails you send to your candidates will come from the email address If you would prefer your company's own recruiting email address to appear as the sender, you will need to use the SMTP server interface made available by Personio to set this up.

You can find precise instructions here explaining which settings you will need to change in order to send emails from Personio via your company's own SMTP server. You can enter a separate email address for every subcompany that you have set up within your Personio account, thus customizing your candidate communication.

We recommend getting your company's IT department involved when configuring the SMTP settings.


Automatically Redirecting Your Recruiting Emails

To ensure that emails from candidates to your company's recruiting email address automatically appear in your Personio account, you will need to set up an automatic redirection from your company's email inbox to You can find all the details on how to set this up here. If required, you can also redirect several different email addresses to

The emails will automatically appear in the Unassigned messages in the Recruiting section or in the candidate profile, if they already have one. The redirected email must include the original header or sender address so that the candidate can be clearly identified.

The diagram below illustrates the relationship between the SMTP settings you save in Personio and the email redirection from your company's mailbox.



The Components of the SMTP Settings

By entering your SMTP settings, you give Personio permission to send emails via your server that show your company's recruiting email address as the sender. To set this up, go to Settings > Recruiting > General > Recruiting email settings > Use custom email address? Yes > Your domains > Use for sending emails? Yes > SMTP settings. You can find information about each of the input fields Personio requires you to fill out in the table below:


Enter your email provider's hostname here. The hostname is a unique identifier, for example for a server, by which it can be addressed or identified.


A port allows computers and servers to communicate with each other and with the internet. Using ports ensures that data packets are always assigned to the correct application. For example, emails are assigned to the port reserved for emails.

Simply put, computers and servers send data in small packets. Each packet is addressed to a particular port. This allows the packet to go through the correctly numbered door and be dispatched to its destination.

Encryption An encrypted connection is established so that data and emails can be securely transferred between your SMTP server and the browser. Personio supports the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security, an improved version of SSL) encryption protocols.

Personio uses the registered account to identify itself to your email provider's SMTP server. The account is usually a complete email address.

It is important that the address entered here is a) the same as the User-defined email address or b) has permission to send emails via that address.

Password The password required here is the same one you use to log in to the email associated with the Account.

Please note that as soon as you have successfully set up the SMTP settings in Personio and the redirection from your account is active, your email communication will no longer use our email provider, Mailjet. So if you do have any delivery problems, we will not be in a position to investigate what might be causing them.

You can find an overview of the most commonly used SMTP servers and the related input data here.


Verifying Your Entries

Once you have entered your SMTP settings and set up the automatic redirection in your company's mailbox, we recommend that you verify your entries.

To test the redirection, go to Settings > Recruiting > Recruiting email settings > Use custom email address? Yes > Your domains > Receive emails. You will find the Send test email button here. 


To test your settings, Personio sends an email from to the email address specified as the Custom email address. If the redirection has been set up correctly, the email will appear in your Unassigend messages.

If the connection cannot be established, an error message confirming this will be displayed. You can then forward this to your internal IT department so that they can fix the problem. 

You can test the SMTP settings using the corresponding button. You will then receive either a confirmation of the settings or an error message. 



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