Interactive In-App Tours (Employee Management)


This article explains how you can use interactive in-app tours to familiarize yourself with and configure various functions in Personio.


What are the interactive In-App tours?

Personio’s interactive in-app tours provide Personio administrators with step-by-step guidance for the individual functions available in Personio and support you in configuring the various sections.

The tours take you through the settings for the various functions by means of examples so that you can apply what you have learned as you set up your own account. Complete the various tours and then immediately apply your new knowledge by directly customizing your account in line with your company’s specific requirements.

Our tours are available in German, English, Spanish and Dutch.


Where do I find the interactive Tours?

After logging into your Personio account, you can find the tours in the Find Answers section

All in-app tours are divided into chapters. Once you start a tour, clear instructions guide you through the various steps.

Please note that your progress as you complete any of the interactive tours cannot be saved. We therefore recommend that you take the time to complete a tour all the way through once you start it.


Interactive In-App Tours for HR Management

Chapter Tours

Employee Data

  • Employee sections and attributes
  • Importing employee data
  • Employee data: All done?

Company Information

  • Configuring company information & Subcompanies
  • Configuring Offices
  • Configuring Departments and Teams
  • Custom Public Holiday Calendar
  • Company information: All done?

Salary and Performance

  • Recording salaries
  • Recording recurrent compensation
  • Recording one-time compensation
  • Importing salaries
  • Salary and Performance: All done?


  • Configuring the preliminary payroll
  • Managing preliminary payroll
  • Preliminary Payroll: All done?

Attendances and Working Schedules

  • Configuring work schedules
  • Assigning work schedules
  • Tracking attendance
  • Importing attendance data
  • Attendance and Working Hour Schedules: All done?

Absences and Leave

  • Configuring absences and accrual policies
  • Assigning accrued days
  • Manual adjustment of the absence balance
  • Setting up maternity leave
  • Scheduling a Parental Leave
  • Importing absences
  • Absences and Leave: All done?

Employee Roles, Access Rights and Calendar Settings

  • Configuring employee roles and access rights
  • Access rights
  • Configuring Reminders
  • Configuring the Company (Absence) Calendar
  • Configuring Calendar Access Rights
  • Employee Roles, Access Rights and Calendar Settings: All done?

Approval Process

  • Configuring approval processes
  • Configuring special approvals
  • Approval processes: All done?

On-Offboarding Processes

  • Creating Onboarding and Offboarding Templates
  • Onboarding: All done?
  • Offboarding: All done?


  • Configuring document templates
  • Creating document templates
  • Requesting e-signatures for employee documents
  • Bulk document upload
  • Documents: All done?

In addition, we also offer interactive In-App tours to guide you through setting up recruiting.

Please note that the settings selected in the interactive in-app tours are only suggestions and do not constitute legal advice. You have the sole responsibility for the chosen settings.




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