Interactive in-app tours


This article explains how you can use our interactive in-app tours to familiarize yourself with and configure various features in Personio.


What are the interactive tours?

Personio’s interactive in-app tours provide users with step-by-step guidance for the different features available in Personio and support you in configuring the various sections.

The tours take you through the settings for the various features with the help of practical examples. After you complete a tour, you can then immediately apply your new knowledge to set up your account in line with your company’s specific requirements.

Our tours are available in English, German, Spanish and Dutch.


Where do I find the interactive tours?

After logging into your Personio account, you can find the tours in the Find Answers section. Go to Help > Find Answers > I need help with the product and select the topic that you need help with. You will be suggested various support resources, including interactive tours. 

After you click on the relevant tour, it will start in the Find Answers window. Clear instructions and GIFs will guide you through the various steps.

The settings selected in the interactive in-app tours are only suggestions and do not constitute legal advice. You are solely responsible for the settings you chose.


Available interactive tours

Below you can find the interactive tours that are available in Personio, split up by product area in Find Answers.

Company setup
Topic Tours

Roles and access rights

  • Set up employee roles and access rights
  • Understand access rights
  • Edit access rights

Company information

  • Store company information
  • Set up offices
  • Set up departments and teams
  • Custom public holiday calendar
  • Company information - Quality check
Employee management
Topic Tours


  • Set up work schedules
  • Assign work schedules
  • Track working hours


  • Create document templates

Employee information

  • Employee sections and attributes
  • The org chart
  • Employee information - Quality check


  • Create onboarding and offboarding templates
  • People Workflow Automation
Topic Tours

Preliminary payroll

  • Set up the preliminary payroll
  • Manage the preliminary payroll


  • Record salaries
Topic Tours

Application management

  • Set up recruiting phases



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