Managing Bonus Payments


This article explains how to manage bonus payments in Personio.

Bonus payments are set up directly in the employee profile under the Salary tab. Start by selecting Edit under Salary components.


Bonus payments may be recorded either customized or linked to performance. Note that for a performance-based calculation, you will need to be subscribed to Personio's Professional or Enterprise Plan. The default setting with each employee is No bonus.



Custom Bonus

Select Custom bonus to define bonus payments independent of employee performance. Set the payment interval (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly), and enter the date from which the bonus type should apply.


After you have saved, the bonus can be edited directly in the salary overview.

Note that the additional Bonus column will only be displayed in the profiles of those employees for whom a bonus has been enabled.


Once a custom bonus has been set up in the employee profile, it can be imported using an Excel table in the same way as a fixed salary. The import can be performed for single employees or for multiple employees at the same time, provided the custom bonus has been enabled within the respective employee profiles. You can find further information about importing custom bonuses here.


Performance-Based Bonus



Activate the performance-based bonus by selecting Target bonus percentage. This bonus type depends on the employee's performance and is thus linked to the Performance tab for that employee. Here you can define individual targets along with different KPIs that will become part of the bonus calculation. Learn more about configuring performance-based bonus payments in this article. In order to use the Performance feature within the employee profile, you need to be subscribed to Personio's Professional or Enterprise Plan.






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