Managing Fixed Salaries


This article describes how to store and manage fixed salaries in Personio.

In the context of managing main salaries, Personio differentiates between two salary types:

  1. Fixed salary:
    Salary payments are made each month in the same amount.
    This article describes how to store and manage fixed salaries.
  2. Hourly salary:
    Salary payments are made each month, but the amount is calculated based on the hours worked. Details on how to manage hourly salaries can be found here.


General Information About Fixed Salaries

A Fixed salary is a regular salary payment that is always in the same amount. It is calculated based on a comparison of the Weekly hours recorded under Employee profile > Personal info > HR information and the set Weekly hours for the employee's Department


If the Weekly hours are increased or reduced, the calculated amount is automatically adjusted.


Setting Up a Fixed Salary

    1. Recording the weekly hours under Employee profile > Personal info > HR information: employee-profile-information-tab-weekly-hours-part-time_en-us.png
    2. Recording the fixed salary under Employee profile > Salary > Salary components > Edit > Main salary > Change salary:


      • Salary type: Choose between fixed salary and hourly salary.
      • Change effective from: Define the date from which the new salary should be paid out.
      • Salary (100 %): Enter the the monthly or annual gross amount that the employee would receive if working full time.
      • Weekly hours: Enter the employee's current Weekly hours.
      • Effective salary: This is where the gross part-time salary is calculated. The calculation is based on the Weekly hours that were entered earlier.
      • Valid from: Enter the date from which the salary applies.
        See this article for information on how pro-rated salaries are calculated.

If you amend the Weekly hours on the Personal info tab, the salary calculation adjusts automatically. Both the payout amount as well as the period from which the changed Weekly hours apply are taken into account.

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