Introducing the Personio Software to Your Company


In this article you will learn what you should consider before you can actively use Personio and integrate it into your everyday work.


Required Settings

Before you invite your employees to Personio, you should have at least the following configurations in your account:

As an Administrator, you are able to log in to Personio as any employee to verify the access rights you have configured for them. To do this, go to the respective employee's profile and click on the Login as this employee icon in the top right of the screen.

Please make sure that the defined approvers under Settings > Employee Roles > Access Rights have at least viewing rights in the respective areas.

Please refer to our Administrator's Manual (HR) and our Administrator's Manual (Recruiting) for helpful step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Personio account.


Final quality check at the end of your implementation

After you have made all relevant settings in Personio in cooperation with your Implementation Manager, an internal review takes place according to the dual control principle. A previously uninvolved Implementation Manager will check your settings.


Internal communication

Announce the introduction of a new HR software to your employees.

In the following articles you will find presentations, videos and much more helpful information on how to implement Personio in your company:

During the implementation, you will be trained to become a Personio expert with the support of your Implementation Manager. If a colleague will support you in the administration of Personio in the future, it is recommended to they receive the same level of training. For this purpose, you can use the materials provided by us in our Helpcenter.

After your implementation, we also offer you the option of booking paid support for the configuration of individual functionalities or for the training of a new internal contact person. For more information, go to the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers.


Invite Employees to Personio

You will need to invite your employees to Personio to allow them to use it. You can invite all your employees at once, invite individual employees or invite a representative group. For example, you could invite managers to test your settings and critically review the software. Then, once all employees have been invited, they would be in a position to pass on their knowledge of Personio to the rest of the workforce. You can find out how to invite your employees to Personio here.

Use of Personio at several locations/for several companies

If you use Personio in multiple locations or for multiple subcompanies, it can also be helpful to roll out Personio gradually. Begin with the rollout of a site or a subcompany to gather feedback from employees and managers and adjust settings as necessary before inviting the entire workforce to Personio.

As long as you have not sent an invitation email to your employees, no email notifications will be sent to them, even if their profiles have already been created.



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