Introducing the Personio Software to Your Company


In this article, you will learn what you need to consider before you can start actively using Personio and integrating it into your daily working life.


Required Settings

Before inviting your employees to use Personio, you should have configured at least the following aspects in your account:

As an administrator, you can log in as any employee in order to check their access rights. To do so, click on the Login as this employee icon in the upper right corner of the respective employee profile.

Please note that the approvers defined under Settings > Employee roles > Access rights will have at least viewing rights in the respective areas.


Final quality check at the end of your implementation

After you and your implementation manager have applied all the settings that are relevant for you in Personio, an internal review will be carried out following the ‘two pairs of eyes’ principle: An implementation manager who has not been involved up to this point will check your settings.


Internal Communication

Let your employees know about the introduction of the new HR software.

In the following articles, you will find presentations, videos, and lots more helpful information on introducing Personio software to your company:

During the implementation, with the support of your implementation manager you will be trained to become a Personio expert. If at any point in the future a colleague is going to work with you in managing Personio, it is recommended that they receive the same level of training. To achieve this, you can use the materials we have made available in our Helpcenter.

After your implementation, we also offer you the option of booking fee-based support for the configuration of individual functionalities or for the training of a new internal contact person. So far these trainings are offered in German only, nevertheless, you can obtain further information on our website or from our customer service team.


Invite Employees to Personio

You will need to invite your employees to Personio to allow them to use it. You can invite all your employees at once, invite individual employees, or invite a representative group. For example, you could invite the senior management, who could then test their settings, ask the difficult questions, and then, once all the employees have been invited, pass on their knowledge about using Personio. You can find out here how to invite your employees to Personio.

Until you send invitation emails to your employees, they will not be sent any email notifications, even if you have set up profiles for them.


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