In this article you will learn how Jobufo° makes recruiting easier for you and which information is important for the integration with Personio.


What is Jobufo°?

A video says more than a thousand written words. A real impression of the applicant and his motivation in just 30 seconds saves you valuable time and helps to identify qualified personnel in no time at all.

Jobufo°offers you this impression. JJobufo° replaces the cover letter, which always sounds the same, with a short, meaningful application video. Jobufo° brings you to the centre of your target group and meets the generation of smartphones at eye level. Jobufo° also presents your jobs in a media appealing way and offers your future employees a modern way of applying.


How can I set up the integration of Jobufo° and Personio?

To set up the integration of Jobufo° and Personio, you need the following information from your Personio account:

  • Company name
  • Company ID
  • Recruiting API access token

You can find the name of your company account in the URL of your Personio account (


To find the Company ID and the Recruiting API access token, navigate to Settings > API > Access Data.


Then you can enter the Company ID and the Recruiting API access token as well as the Company Name in your Jobufo° account for Personio Integration.

Please note that you have to activate the XML feed for your company under Settings > Recruiting > General to enable the transfer of job ads to Jobufo°. Further information about the XML feed can be found here.


What data will be transferred?

Your open job advertisements will be supplemented by a link to Jobufo° to record the video and applicant data. The resulting applications (video, curriculum vitae, attachments and contact details of the applicant) are automatically imported into Personio by JobUFO after they have been entered.


What are the costs?

You can purchase an annual license to use Jobufo°. The price depends on the number of employees in your company. For more information, please contact Jobufo° directly.


Who do I contact at Jobufo°?

Contact the Jobufo° consultants now at or book an appointment for a live demo directly here.


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