This article explains how Jobufo° will make recruiting easier for you and what information you will need to integrate it with Personio.


What is Jobufo°?

Jobufo° ensures that you receive meaningful and qualified applications instead of copy-and-paste cover letters. Candidates will send you authentic first impressions of who they are and what motivates them via video or audio message. This supports you in identifying qualified personnel in no time at all.


How Can I Set Up the Integration of Jobufo° and Personio?

You will need three pieces of information from your Personio account to set up the integration of Jobufo° and Personio:

  • Company Name
  • Company ID
  • Recruiting API access token

You will find your company account name in your Personio account's URL (


To find your Company ID and the Recruiting API access token, navigate to Settings > API > Credentials.


You can then enter your Company ID, the Recruiting API access token and your Company name into your Jobufo° account to integrate it with Personio.

Please be sure to activate the XML feed for your company via Settings > Recruiting > Career page. This allows job postings to be transferred to Jobufo°. You can find further informationon on the XML feed here.


Which Data Is Transferred?

Your job openings will be complemented by a link or button leading to the Jobufo° application wizard. The resulting applications (video or audio clips, CVs plus attachments) are then automatically imported from Jobufo° into Personio as PDFs.


How Much Does It Cost?

A reasonable basic fee is charged for having the application wizard appear on your postings. You only pay for the applications you actually receive. Jobufo° offers personal support for the onboarding process and is always available to provide assistance and answer any questions.


Who Do I Contact at Jobufo°?

Contact Jobufo° consultants now at or book a time for a live demo directly at this link.

We look forward to meeting you!


Can't find what you're looking for?

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