The Functionality of System Filters in the Application List


In this article you will learn how to customize your view of the candidate list using predefined filters.


Predefined Filters

The application list contains an overview of all applications submitted to your account, which is available to administrators and employees with full access privileges for recruiting. This list can be accessed by clicking on the Applications tab in the recruiting section of your Personio account.

A range of filters is available to make your work with the application list as straightforward and efficient as possible.

If a filter has been applied, the color of the corresponding button changes to blue.


Functionality of Individual Filters

All/My/Archived Positions, Category & Position

This filter option allows you to filter your list of candidates according to the positions that are relevant to you.

  1. All/My/Archived Positions: If no specific selection has been made, the filter All positions is selected by default. You can now see all candidates (provided you have the required access rights). The filter My positions, on the other hand, contains only those for which you have been entered as the Responsible Person. Under Archived Positions, you can view candiates who are assigned to archived jobs. The filter options My Positions and Archived Positions are only available if results are available for them.
  2. Category: Filter the candidates additionally according to the recruiting categories of your account.
  3. Position: Filter the candidates specifically according to the position to which they are assigned.



To-Dos Filter

The To-Dos filter allows you to filter specifically for applications with pending to-dos. Select from these filter options to get an overview of the applications for which you should become active:

  • Unreplied messages
  • Failed messages
  • Unread evaluations
  • Unread Comments
  • Overdue applications



Phase Filter

Use the Phase filter to have only those applications displayed which are currently in one or several phases selected by you. See this article for further details on how to configure recruiting roles.



Tag Filter

You are able to create candidate tags in the recruiting section to add specific information to candidates, such as ‘internal recommendation’. The Tags filter allows you to filter for such candidate tags. Select one or more tags for this. Personio then displays all candidates whose data include at least one of the selected tags. Click here for more information about managing candidate tags.



Channel Filter

Use the Channel filter to have only those candidates shown who submitted their applications via a specified recruiting channel. Click here for more information about creating recruiting channels.



Filter Include anonymized & Show prioritized applications

By default, Personio shows all applications in the current application process. If you would like to include anonymized applications as well, click on the filter icon and activate the checkbox Include anonymized candidates. You also have the option of having only your prioritized applications displayed.





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