Application List Functions


This article explains the different functionalities of the application list.


In the Recruiting area, you can select the Applications tab to gain an overview of all received applications, to compare individual parameters, and to undertake certain actions.

Overview of Application List Functionalities

Filtering by Position


Decide which applications you would like to display by selecting different positions. You have the option to display all applications that you have viewing or editing rights for, or you can filter by My job positions. The latter will list all applicants for positions that you are responsible for in the system. Furthermore, you can filter by positions within the same recruiting category, and separately by individual positions. If in addition to currently active job openings, you would like to display archived positions, tick the checkbox Include archived positions.

Standard Filters


There are several filters available in the application list.

  • Filter by applications that have an open to-do. You can select between Unreplied messages, Failed messages, and Too long in a phase.
  • Filter by the recruiting Phase that applications are in currently.
  • Filter by Flags to display the applicants you have flagged.
  • Filter by Channel to display candidates who have used a particular recruiting channel to apply.
  • As default, candidates who are currently in an application process will be displayed. You can choose to additionally display anonymized applications by selecting the filter symbol and ticking the Show anonymized applicants checkbox.

Applicant pipeline 

The configuration of recruiting phases enables you to map your company-specific application process in Personio, from receiving the application to the creation of the offer. Move your applicants continuously to the appropriate recruiting phase so that you can view the current status of all applications for the respective job posting in the applicant pipeline at any time. 

Under Recruiting > Job openings, the applicant pipeline with the different phases for each job will be shown. By clicking on the relevant phase, you can go directly to the job and to all applicants who are currently in this phase. 

Within a job opening, you can move applicants for this job to different phases. You can create the recruiting phases that an applicant is to go through beforehand under Settings > Recruiting > Phases. Further information regarding the configuration of phases in Personio can be found here.

Direct access to applicant profiles

Click on any line in the application list to call up a horizontal data slide-in with the corresponding applicant profile. This feature allows you to work directly in specific applicant profiles, for example, to reply to messages or request feedback, without leaving the context of the application overview.


Days in Phase


The column Days in phase shows for how many days an applicant has been in the phase that is currently shown. If the days exceed the maximum number which you have previously defined for the relevant phase, this is highlighted in colour.



Use the export function to export all listed applications and displayed information into an Excel or CSV file. Should you wish to import applicant data instead of exporting, navigate to Imports and select Applicant bulk upload. Further information on how to import applicants is available here.

Sorting by Columns


You can sort each column in ascending or descending order. Depending on the column you select, its contents are sorted either alphabetically or chronologically.

Message Status


The envelope symbol signals an unanswered message in the applicant profile. A red exclamation mark indicates that a message has not been delivered. These symbols will only be displayed, if the employee in the recruiting role has been given access permissions for messages. Find further information on how to configure recruiting roles here.

The envelope will disappear as soon as the unanswered message has been replied to, or the to-do in the applicant message within the profile has been closed.

Bulk Editing


Use the checkbox to select several applications and then bulk-edit them under the Actions tab. The following actions can be performed:

Creating Applications Manually

Click the Create Application button to manually create a new applicant profile. Then enter the required information for the applicant and click Confirm to complete the activity. You can also upload the relevant applicant documents on the Profile tab.

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