Application List Functions


Select the Applications tab in the Recruiting section to see an overview of all applications received. Here, you can compare individual parameters and carry out specific actions. This article explains the different functionalities of the applications list.


Filter by position

Use filters to decide which applications should be displayed.

  • Select All positions to display all applications for positions you have viewing or editing rights for.
  • Use the filter My positions to see applications for positions where you are the Responsible.
  • You can also filter for all positions within a recruiting Category or for individual Positions

Note Positions are only displayed if you are the Responsible for the respective positions, if you have admin rights, or if you have edit rights for the entire recruiting section.

Candidate pipeline 

Using recruiting phases, you can reflect your company's specific application process in Personio from the time an application is received, right through to the candidate being offered the position. First, go to Settings > Recruiting > Recruiting > Phases and set up the different Recruiting phases that candidates should go through. Then keep moving the candidates between the different phases as applicable, so their current status is reflected. This will allow you to always have an up-to-date overview of all applications in the candidate pipeline. 

All the candidates for each position, as well as the different phases, are displayed under Recruiting > Positions. Click on a phase to be taken directly to the relevant position and to see all the candidates who are currently in that phase. In the position window, candidates can be moved between the different phases.

Standard filter

The applications list has multiple filter options.

    • Filter for all applications with an open To-do. Choose between Overdue applications, Unreplied messages, Failed messages, Unread evaluations and Unread comments.
    • Filter for the current Recruiting phase of the applications.
    • Filter for Tags to see candidates you have marked with a candidate tag.
    • Filter for Channel to see applications received via a particular Recruiting channel.
    • By default, Personio will display candidates in the current application funnel. Select More filters and activate the checkbox Include anonymized applications to also display any anonymized applications.

Priority filter

In the Priority column of the applications list, you can filter for top candidates who have been flagged at some point during the application process.


Direct access to candidate profiles

Click on any line in the list of applications to see the profile of the respective candidate in a sidebar. This function allows you to work directly in the profile, e.g., to reply to messages or to request feedback.

Days in phase

The column Days in phase shows how many days a candidate has already been in the current phase. If a candidate has exceeded the maximum number of days that have previously been defined for that phase, it will be highlighted in a different color. Learn how to Configure Recruiting Phases.


The application data can be exported in CSV or XLXS format using the Export button. They contain all candidate attributes (system attributes as well as user-defined attributes), position attributes and all data concerning which candidates have changed phase. Learn more about Exporting Application Data.

If you would like to import candidate data instead, go to Imports and select Upload candidates. Learn how to Import Application Data.

Column sorting


Each column in the candidate list can be sorted in ascending or descending order. Depending on the selected column, the sorting is done either alphabetically or chronologically. Keep in mind that you can only sort one column, not several at once.

Display open to-dos in the candidate list


Applications in the candidate list that require an action on your part, have a blue dot or a red exclamation point.

Note Only the following employees will see these open to-dos:
▶︎ The Responsible of a position
▶︎ Admins
▶︎ Employees with edit rights for the entire recruiting section

Open to-dos appear in the following areas and have the following meanings:

Message status

The blue dot indicates an unanswered message in the candidate profile. It will disappear once the unanswered candidate message has been replied to or the to-do in the candidate message within their profile has been closed.
A red exclamation point means that a message could not be delivered. This might occur, for example, if there is an invalid email address in the candidate profile, or when the SMTP connection to your company mailbox has failed.


Unread evaluations

A blue dot in the column Evaluations means that there is a new evaluation in the candidate profile that hasn't been read yet. Click on this area to be taken directly to the new evaluation. The blue dot will no longer appear in the overview. Learn more about using Evaluation forms to assess candidates. 


Unread Comments

A blue dot under Comments means that there is a comment in the candidate profile that you have not read yet. When a candidate is flagged in this way, click on the blue dot to be taken directly to the comment tab in their profile. The entry will then automatically show as having been read, and the blue dot will no longer be displayed for that profile.

Bulk editing

Check the boxes to select multiple applications and to bulk-edit them using the Actions button. The following actions are available:

Add applications manually

Click on the button Add application to add a new candidate profile manually. Then enter the candidate's details and click Confirm to complete the process. You have the option to upload any relevant application documents under the Profile tab.




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