Overview on the implementation process


This article provides an overview about the implementation process of your Personio account. The aim of the process is to setup an account which is specifically tailored to your company needs as well as to provide you with the main knowledge you need to integrate Personio into your daily work.  


First contact

Once you decided to get Personio, you will receive the first information about the implementation process from your Sales contact person. Before the chosen start date of your implementation, you will have two weeks to gather all relevant data and information.

Your implementation manager will contact you via email in order to set up a kick-off call. During this appointment, you will get to know your Implementation manager and align on the project plan and timeline for the following weeks. Of course you may already ask questions if you have some or address relevant topics.


Contact person and implementation duration 

Depending on your company size and the chosen Personio package, your implementation manager will be your contact person for 5 to 8 weeks. Regarding your time management, we kindly ask you to plan enough time resources for the account setup.

Usually two one-hour calls per week as well as time capacity for subsequent configurations are a good orientation.

The phone calls will be visually supported by screen sharing, helpcenter articles, in-app tours and videos. We will provide you with helpful material before and/or after the calls so that you always have an overview of all steps at any time. 



You can access your account at the URL https://myaccount.personio.de/. To give you a first impression of possible configurations within Personio, your account already contains some exemplary configurations, employees and templates. Based on these settings, you can customize your account to your individual company needs. Your test account will be automatically changed to your actual account including all functionalities you have booked within your package as soon as your contract starts. All settings made up to this point will be taken over.

Should you wish to extend your functionalities, please find all information on our different packages on our website.

Please use the two weeks before the official start date of your implementation to acquire all necessary data. This is especially important, if you do not yet have your employee data available in electronic form or if you need to request employee data externally. Within Personio, you have the possibility to import employee data, salaries, attendances, absence periods as well as applications via Excel. For all those imports, we provide the corresponding Excel templates.

To start the initial setup of your account, please complete the setup process. Under Settings > Company a corresponding request will be displayed. The setup process contains three steps and guides you through basic account configurations; these can still be changed later on.


By completing the setup process all sample employees will be deleted allowing you to start with the configuration of your account. In addition to the setup process, please complete the following settings as you start the implementation:

  • Authorizing employees for support and instructions: Add up to seven employees who shall be authorized for support under Settings > Support > Authorized employees for support and instruction and decide whether they are also authorized for instructions in terms of the EU-GDPR.
  • Restricted access to customer accounts: Personio staff do not have access to your account by default. To receive support during the initial set up of your account, please activate the impersonation access for your implementation manager or our support staff.
  • Data processing agreement (DPA): Personio is obliged to conclude a DPA with you. In order to keep the administrative effort for both sides as low as possible, we offer the possibility to sign the DPA directly in Personio.

Without a signed DPA, the implementation cannot start because of data security regulations.

Implementation steps 

In general, depending on the package you chose, you set up the HRM tool and the Recruiting tool independent of each other. However, we recommend you to set up the HRM tool before you set up the Recruiting tool. The implementation is split into different modules, which you should complete in the given order. In the following you will find more detailed information in the form of Helpcenter articles and tutorial videos, which explain the setup using practical examples:

Configuration of the HRM tool 

  1. Import of employee data
  2. Configuration of offices and departements
  3. Import of salaries
  4. Configure preparatory payroll
  5. Configuration and assignment of working hour schedules
  6. Configuration of absences types and accrual policies
  7. Import of absences
  8. Check employee roles and access rights
  9. Configure approval processes
  10. Configure on- and offboarding processes
  11. Configure document templates

Configuration of the recruiting tool

  1. Configure phases and categories
  2. Configure email settings
  3. Generate recruitment interviews
  4. Generate evaluation sheets
  5. Configure recruiting roles and access rights
  6. Create a Personio career page
  7. Create external channels


Finalization of the implementation

After you have configured all settings in Personio together with your Implementation Manager, an internal account check is performed according to the four-eyes principle. A previously uninvolved Implementation Manger will check your account settings. You will receive our feedback via email including all relevant information. In a final phone call, you can complete all outstanding settings and adjust those that could be optimized together with your Implementation Manager. Within this final phone call, you can, of course, also address all remaining questions and uncertainties.

The implementation is generally completed by inviting your employees to Personio. After completing the implementation, your Implementation Manager will hand over your account to our Customer Service colleagues. However, nothing changes for you as you can still place all your questions via e-mail or telephone using the same contact details. Your enquiries will be forwarded internally directly to our Customer Service Team.

Should you not be able to complete the implementation within the given time range, you have the possibility to extend it for a fee.

Detailed information and assistance for the configuration and implementation of your Personio account can also be found in our Personio Helpcenter.


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