Overview of the Implementation Process

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This article provides an overview of your implementation of Personio. The goal of the implementation process is to configure your account according to your company's specific needs and gain extensive knowledge to best integrate Personio into your day-to-day work.


First Contact

After you have decided to use Personio, you will receive the first important information regarding the implementation process from your sales contact. Prior to the officially agreed implementation start date, you have sufficient time to gather all the data and information needed for the implementation and to register for our webinar "Preparation for your Implementation".

The Implementation Team will contact you before or at the latest at the start of the implementation to provide you with all necessary information regarding your implementation.

Use the time until the start of implementation to acquire all necessary data like employee data, salaries, attendance times, absence periods, absence account balances as well as applicants via Excel. You have the option to import this data into Personio and we provide you with the Excel templates to carry out the imports.


Contact Persons and Implementation Duration

Depending on the size of your company and the scope of your Personio package, the implementation takes between 4 and 8 weeks. During this time, we will provide you with all the information you need and also monitor the progress of your implementation. 

We request that you schedule adequate time to ensure that your implementation, including the configuration of all the individual steps, is completed within the scheduled time frame.

During and of course after the implementation, all our (interactive) learning materials such as our Help Center, interactive tours, as well as our Community are available to you.



You can access your account at myaccount.personio.de. To give you a first impression of how Personio can be configured, your account already contains some sample configurations, employees and templates. Based on these settings, you can adjust your account to your particular requirements. As soon as your contract starts, your test account is converted to your actual account, including all functionalities you have booked within your package. Any settings that have been made up to this point will be adopted.

If you would like to extend the functionalities that are included in your plan, please click here for information on upgrading your Personio account. For an overview of the different plans available, you can have a look at our website.

Use the time until the start of implementation to acquire all necessary data. This is especially important if your employee data is not yet available to you in electronic form or if you need to request employee data externally. In Personio you have the possibility to import employee data, salaries, attendance times, absence periods, absence account balances as well as applicants via Excel. 

For all these imports we provide you with corresponding Excel templates.


Finalizing the Setup Wizard

Before configuring your account, we first ask you to finalize the setup wizard. A corresponding note is displayed under Settings > Company. The setup wizard will guide you in three steps through some basic configuration settings for your account. These can be changed later, if desired.


Once you finalize the setup wizard, all sample employee data is deleted so you can start configuring your account. In addition to the setup process, please also complete the following settings at the start of the implementation:

  • Assign Account Owners and Contract Owners: Go to Settings > SUPPORT > Support > to define Account Owners and Contract Owners. Account Owners can contact Customer Service for technical questions, while Contract Owners are in contact with Customer Growth for subscription-related matters. These employees will also be authorized to issue instructions within the scope of the EU GDPR.
  • Impersonation Access: By default, Personio employees do not have access to your account. To receive support during the initial setup of your account, you need to activate the impersonation access for your Implementation Manager, or our support team.
  • Data Processing Agreement (DPA): Personio is required by law to conclude a DPA with you. To minimize administrative efforts on both sides, we provide the option of signing the DPA directly in Personio.

Implementation cannot begin without a signed DPA for reasons of data privacy.


Implementation Steps

When Personio is implemented, the setup of the areas Employee Management and Recruiting (if applicable, depending on your plan) always happens independently of each other. However, we recommend that you configure the Employee management area prior to configuring Recruiting. The implementation is split up over individual modules that you should go through in the intended order. Below is a list of Helpcenter articles and video tutorials that explain the setup in detail with practical examples:

Configuration of the Employee Management area

  1. Importing employee data
  2. Configuring Offices, Departments and Teams
  3. Importing salaries
  4. Configuring the Preliminary Payroll
  5. Configure and assign working hour schedules
  6. Configure absences and accrual policies
  7. Importing absences
  8. Check employee roles and access rights
  9. Configure approval processes
  10. Configuring On- and Offboarding Processes
  11. Configuring document templates

Configuration of the Recruiting area

  1. Configure phases and categories
  2. Configuring the Email Settings
  3. Generating Recruiting Interviews
  4. Creating Evaluation Forms
  5. Setting Up the Personio Career Page
  6. Creating External Channels
  7. Defining Recruiting Roles

You also have the option of taking in-app tours during which you can configure the basic settings and familiarize yourself with your Personio account. Click here for further information about in-app tours. We will be happy to enable these for your account.


Completing the Implementation

After you have made all settings in Personio, an account check takes place. Here we also support you with numerous materials such as best practice articles and checklists.

Should you not be able to complete the implementation within the planned time frame, you have the option to extend it for an additional fee.

The implementation is completed by inviting your employees to Personio. After the implementation is complete, the Implementation Team will hand over your account to our Customer Service Team. You can then contact our colleagues via email or phone with questions or problems for which you did not find answers in the Helpcenter or in our Community.




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