Notifications and Reminders in Recruiting


Personio allows you to define recruiting notifications for various events and roles to facilitate your communication and candidate management.

Generally, for employees to be able to receive email notifications from Personio, make sure that the email notifications option under Settings > Company > Email notifications has been activated.


Employee roles

Employees who have been granted access to the Recruiting section via Settings > Employee rolesee roles > Access rights will receive an email notification by default whenever a new application is received in the Recruiting Inbox. If this is not desired, the email notifications for recruiting messages can be turned off in the personal settings. Click here for more information on setting up personal email notifications.


Recruiting Roles

You can set up additional email notifications by defining and assigning recruiting roles in the Recruiting section. Note that recruiting roles can be assigned not only to employees who have access rights for Recruiting, but to all employees within your company. Click here for more information on setting up recruiting roles.

To define email notifications for a recruiting role, go to Settings > Recruiting > Roles. Click on Add new recruiting role... to create a new role, or select an existing role. Then click on Edit next to Notifications and select for which events the role should receive email notifications.

The following table provides a summary of the available events:

Trigger of the notification


New application

When a new application is received for the respective job posting

New message

When a new message is received for the respective application

New note

When a new note is added for the respective application

New review

When a review request is answered

New evaluation

When a new evaluation is added for the respective application


In addition to role-based email notifications, notifications are also sent out to individual employees to inform them about invitations to interviews they participate in, and reviews and evaluations they are requested to complete.


Interview Requests

When you create an interview in a candidate profile, you can add other employees as interview participants. Participants are not sent notifications while the interview is in Created status. Interviews with this status are only shown in the recruiting calendar, where they can be viewed by all employees who have the respective viewing permissions. However, once you change the interview status to Scheduled, an email invitation is sent to all participants. If the interview status is set to Cancelled, the participants are again notified of the status change by email.

On the day of the interview, the interview organizer and added participants will see an appointment preview in the Interviews happening today section on their home screen. The preview shows the beginning and duration of the interview, the candidate's name, the position for which the candidate has applied, and the interview organizer. If you hover your mouse over the organizer’s name, the interview participants are shown in a pop-up window. 


Note that the organizer of the interview won't receive a calendar invitation.


Evaluation Requests

Whenever you invite employees to an interview, you can request that they complete an evaluation. When employees are requested to complete an evaluation, they receive not only an email notification for the interview, but also a dashboard notification. You can additionally set automatic reminders for evaluation requests. If you do, Personio will remind your employees to complete the evaluation form at defined intervals. Once an employee has completed the evaluation form, the reminder disappears from their dashboard, and they receive no more email reminders.

Evaluation forms can be requested when an interview is created or by clicking on the Request review button in the candidate profile. Here, you can also request review comments instead of an evaluation form. The relevant employees will again receive both email and dashboard notifications. As you create the request, you can also set automatic reminders to have Personio remind employees regularly that they still need to provide the review comment or complete the evaluation form. Reminders are sent out by email at an interval defined by you. 

The following table provides a summary of the available notifications for scheduled interviews, review requests, and evaluation requests:


Notification type





Automatic email reminder possible?

























Collect feedback




Evaluation form




Review comment





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